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Viggor is a guiding light on your journey to improve your health and quality of life. Our Expert panel is driven by a common desire to freely share their training, experience, research, insights, and knowhow with you. In this spirit, welcome to Viggor!

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Cancer: How to Talk to the Newly Diagnosed

How do you talk to the newly diagnosed? There is no more a potent reminder of how fragile and fleeting life is than being diagnosed with cancer. You may have family or friends who have been affected by cancer. Based on that, you may think that you understand what they are going through and how best to support and help them. You don’t. Unless you have had the words “you have cancer” directed at you, you have no idea.And I know this first-hand. I thought I understood, but apparently mortality is nothing more than an abstract concept until it is not. Today, I want to share with you three suggestions on how best to talk to and help a loved one who is newly diagnosed with prostate or...

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Tips on Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction is one of the keys to a leading a Mr. Happy life. For your consideration, here are 7 simple suggestions to simply mull over: Give up all hope for a better past. Regrets and grudges are a waste of your here and now. As is worrying about an uncertain future. It is how you take advantage of and use your here and now that will determine your future. Act accordingly. Apparently not everyone is in your hurry. Yes, I’m talking to you. Traffic is traffic, and it is not our job to teach the world how to drive. And that is just one example. The more we react to things that we cannot affect, the more stress we needlessly inject into our daily life. Avoid the absurd and...

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An Overview of AHCC and Prostate Cancer

Overview Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) is a fermented mushroom extract derived from shiitake mushrooms that is known to provide immune support. Available data suggest that AHCC supplementation affects immune outcomes and immune cell populations—especially natural killer cell activity. Additional human studies are needed, as well as studies to explore the mechanistic rationale for these reported effects. Supplementation studies with AHCC have demonstrated positive effects on immune function in human and animal models, including decreased tumor formation and improved immune function, especially the essential enhancement of the important anti-cancer immune cells, natural...

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Consulting with "Big Pharma" on ADT

Times are different now with the acceptance of natural and nutritional approaches to health. This morning I had a great conversation with a VP of medical affairs with a pharmaceutical company the produces a Gonadotropin Releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist drug for prostate cancer. GnRH drugs include Leuprolide (Lupron) and Goserelin (Zoladex) and work by reducing Testosterone to zero or almost zero for certain types of prostate cancer. The pharmaceutical company (which will stay anonymous for now) is interested in natural and nutritional approaches to reducing negative side effects from GnRH agonist drugs. Wait... am I in the twilight zone here? A pharmaceutical company wants to know about...

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Reclaiming Your Sex Life

The normal effects of aging on male sexual health and function are challenging enough, but a good number of us in the XY Wellness community we have also experienced some degree of adverse effect from an invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer such as surgery or radiation. For this reason, one of the key elements of our program is to help men improve and restore this important contributor to quality of life and general well being. Yes, there are pharmaceutical options, but our position is that they are best saved for when more natural options have been ruled out. Although impotence or erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, a number of years ago, when asked in a Rolling Stone...

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New Articles Regarding Prostate Cancer

I recently authored articles in the Townsend Letter ("The Role of Genetics in Prostate Cancer and Its Clinical Application: Beyond Family History") and Bottom Line Health ("The Best PET Scan for Finding Prostate Cancer Recurrence"). Once I receive the respective publications' approval, I will be posting either web links or downloadable versions here in an updated version of this post. Would you please check back shortly? Thank you. Have a Healthy Day, Dr. Geo

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Diet & Exercise: Cutting Through the Noise

There is so much sensationalism and misinformation in the medical press and online that the desire to tune it out is understandable. I do it too, but with the exception of a few trusted, reliable sources. For you, when it comes to the health condition you are dealing with, Dr. Geo and XY Wellness strive to be those two reliable sources for you who filter out the noise and clearly present legitimate science and pragmatic advice. Today, we touch upon the topic of diet and exercise in the context of prostate cancer. Why together? Because you cannot out-exercise a poor diet, and you cannot eat your way to a therapeutic daily dosage of the nutrients that will boost your body’s innate ability...

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The Decade Ahead ... Together

As we approach the tenth anniversary of our founding, I decided that we should invest in a new website designed to improve how we engage with and help men who do not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Geo at his Integrative Urology Clinic at NYU Langone. In other words, I decided to intentionally expand our reach throughout the United States and beyond. After all, the value that we provide applies to all men inflicted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and who are now seeking to reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives and futures. I am one of them. Diagnosed in 2004, treated at UCSF by the great duo of Dr. Roach and Dr. Shinohara, and committed ever since to beating this disease. This...

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New Book: Integrative Sexual Health

Dr. Geo is one of the distinguished editors of the new practitioners tome, Integrative Sexual Health. According to Dr. Geo, the books "is a fabulous resource for both men and women interested in improving their sexuality. It was a privilege to work with Dr. Barbara Bartlik and Dr. Janet Mindes on this project, along with all the experts who participated in writing chapters in the book." Congratulations to Dr. Geo.

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Treating ED with TCM

There are many methods for treating erectile dysfunction and improving vitality in men with natural medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Exercise is all part of it. I had the privilege of co-editing what is likely the number one resource in treating sexual dysfunction with integrative modalities. The Integrative Sexual Health book is part of the Weil library of Integrative medicine books published by Oxford University Press. Today, I will focus on how Traditional Chinese Medicine works in treating erectile dysfunction. Some of the information below is excerpted from the Integrative Sexual Health book written by my colleague, Jillian Capodice. Traditional Chinese Medicine...

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Chicken and Prostate Cancer

(Apparently a chicken crossed the road and got Dr. Geo's attention.) I love chicken, I admit. Furthermore, and a bit more embarrassing since I teach and preach health, I love fried chicken – fried drumsticks to be exact. Argh! (that was painful). But I can't remember the last time I had any. Maybe it’s just selective memory. The reason why I don’t have much of the fried hens is that it’s not good for my body, despite the fact I find it tasty. And it is more important to me to not die prematurely. So, I stay away from eating deep fried chicken, most of the times. What if the chicken is not fried? Is it OK to eat? Does eating chicken contribute to prostate cancer? Studies on...

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Eggs, Choline and Prostate Cancer

Many studies, not all, have associated egg consumption to aggressive prostate cancer. That’s a doozy since eggs are a staple diet for most and a preferred source of protein for many. Let’s take a look at the scientific data regarding egg consumption and prostate cancer. In The Health Professionals Follow-Up Study (HPFS), a study observing over fifty thousand male health professionals since 1986 noticed that men who consumed ≥2.5 eggs per week had a 1.8-fold increased risk of developing lethal prostate cancer compared with men who consumed <0.5 eggs per week. However, this study found no association between consumption of eggs and risk of deadly prostate cancer after...

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