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Viggor is a guiding light on your journey to improve your health and quality of life. Our Expert panel is driven by a common desire to freely share their training, experience, research, insights, and knowhow with you. In this spirit, welcome to Viggor!

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Diet & Exercise: Cutting Through the Noise

There is so much sensationalism and misinformation in the medical press and online that the desire to tune it out is understandable. I do it too, but with the exception of a few trusted, reliable sources. For you, when it comes to the health condition you are dealing with, Dr. Geo and XY Wellness strive to be those two reliable sources for you who filter out the noise and clearly present legitimate science and pragmatic advice. Today, we touch upon the topic of diet and exercise in the context of prostate cancer. Why together? Because you cannot out-exercise a poor diet, and you cannot eat your way to a therapeutic daily dosage of the nutrients that will boost your body’s innate ability...

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Reclaiming Your Sex Life

The normal effects of aging on male sexual health and function are challenging enough, but a good number of us in the XY Wellness community we have also experienced some degree of adverse effect from an invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer such as surgery or radiation. For this reason, one of the key elements of our program is to help men improve and restore this important contributor to quality of life and general well being. Yes, there are pharmaceutical options, but our position is that they are best saved for when more natural options have been ruled out. Although impotence or erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, a number of years ago, when asked in a Rolling Stone...

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The Decade Ahead ... Together

As we approach the tenth anniversary of our founding, I decided that we should invest in a new website designed to improve how we engage with and help men who do not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Geo at his Integrative Urology Clinic at NYU Langone. In other words, I decided to intentionally expand our reach throughout the United States and beyond. After all, the value that we provide applies to all men inflicted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and who are now seeking to reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives and futures. I am one of them. Diagnosed in 2004, treated at UCSF by the great duo of Dr. Roach and Dr. Shinohara, and committed ever since to beating this disease. This...

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New Book: Integrative Sexual Health

Dr. Geo is one of the distinguished editors of the new practitioners tome, Integrative Sexual Health. According to Dr. Geo, the books "is a fabulous resource for both men and women interested in improving their sexuality. It was a privilege to work with Dr. Barbara Bartlik and Dr. Janet Mindes on this project, along with all the experts who participated in writing chapters in the book." Congratulations to Dr. Geo.

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Announcing the 2018 CaPLESS Retreat

The wait is over. With love and enthusiasm, I'd like to announce the next CaPLESS retreat on April 27 - 29, 2018. You may not know the story, but ever since my dad's prostate cancer scare about twenty-six years ago, I have had a vendetta against this disease. My uncles died of prostate cancer. My paternal grandfather did too. In my dad's mind, he was next. Since then I have had a vendetta against prostate cancer. Now more than ever, after having seen thousands of prostate cancer patients, I firmly believe this disease is the perfect wake-up call that helps patients practice habits that can create a hostile environment to cancer and live his best life forward. I am not...

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Make 3 Simple Changes to Reduce Inflammation

As we do each year at this time, XY Wellness is challenging men to join us in a March Against Inflammation. Chronic inflammation poses a material risk to your health and your ability to combat disease. You can reduce your exposure to inflammatory agents by simply making smarter dietary and lifestyle choices. To demonstrate how dietary choices either boost or tax your body, the challenge is simple: during the month of March, avoid three well-known dietary sources of inflammation, and see how you feel. What are the three? They are sugar, dairy and gluten. Think you cannot do it? Hey, it’s only for a month! We know you can handle it, it is not as difficult as you might think, and we will...

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New Book on Integrative Prostate Cancer Treatment

Congratulations to our very own Dr. Geo on the publication of his book, Thrive Don't Only Survive: Dr.Geo's Guide to Living Your Best Life Before & After Prostate Cancer.This thoughtful, well-researched new book is an absolutely great resource for men over 50 and those who love them. We highly recommend that you pick up a copy, and once you have had a chance to read it, to then spread the good word by posting a review.Prostate cancer is a call to action. Rebuild, Reclaim, and Renew!

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Your Spectacular ROI from Exercise

Did you know that on any given day, only 5% of the US adult population exercise? We are not talking about training for a triathlon; we are talking about any form of moderate exertion. Not surprisingly, by 2015 it is estimated that 75% of Americans will be overweight, with 40% of us being classified as obese. We are damaging our future through poor lifestyle choices. How can any healthcare system work in such an environment? How can you fully enjoy your life as a man if you are not physically fit enough to take full advantage of it? Not preaching. Not lecturing. Just saying. We encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices, which include improving your fitness level by incorporating...

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The Truth About Plant Based Protein

Protein is essential to a wide range of bodily functions and in building and repairing muscle. No argument there. What I do object to is how the meat and dairy industries have spent millions, if not billions, on convincing us that the only source of high quality protein are their products. This is simply not true. Proteins consist of twenty amino acids, of which eleven are naturally synthesized by our body. We are able to get the remaining nine, which are also known as Essential Amino Acids, from the foods we eat and the nutritional support with which we complement our diet. So to be clear, our body needs to ingest these nine Essential Amino Acids, not protein per se. This is a key...

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Exercise Fights Cancer

A new study (Bonn et al., 2014) published online in the journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention reported lower rates of all-cause and prostate cancer-specific mortality in men who engaged in regular exercise. Although these findings can’t prove causation, they are a good reminder to move your body with daily physical activity for long-term health – especially after cancer diagnosis. The details: This study used data from the National Prostate Cancer Register of Sweden Follow-up study. Subjects were 4623 men with localized prostate cancer. Men who biked or walked 20 minutes a day or exercised more than one hour per week had a 26% lower rate of mortality...

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