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Viggor is a guiding light on your journey to improve your health and quality of life. Our Expert panel is driven by a common desire to freely share their training, experience, research, insights, and knowhow with you. In this spirit, welcome to Viggor!

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Tips on Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction is one of the keys to a leading a Mr. Happy life. For your consideration, here are 7 simple suggestions to simply mull over: Give up all hope for a better past. Regrets and grudges are a waste of your here and now. As is worrying about an uncertain future. It is how you take advantage of and use your here and now that will determine your future. Act accordingly. Apparently not everyone is in your hurry. Yes, I’m talking to you. Traffic is traffic, and it is not our job to teach the world how to drive. And that is just one example. The more we react to things that we cannot affect, the more stress we needlessly inject into our daily life. Avoid the absurd and...

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Fitness is a Choice, Choose Well

The benefits of exercise cannot be overstated and are far reaching. This is why improving your fitness level is a key to to "turning back the clock" and reclaiming your health and quality of life. As encouragement, I want to quickly share with you a recent experience. Several months ago, I made and lost a friendly wager with my 11 year old that resulted in us buying and doing the Insanity Workout program together. The program is aptly named. Actually, the name is a bit of an understatement. It is beautifully designed and produced. It is a remarkable challenge and experience, and an accomplishment to complete it. Some quick comments: Did you know that underneath your “love handles”...

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Over-treatment of Prostate Cancer Boosting Impotence Rates

According to a study that was published the in the New England Journal of Medicine, the over-treatment of prostate cancer is leading to a disturbing increase in post-treatment impotence. This study found that 15 years after invasive cancer treatment, only 10% of men still possess the ability to achieve and maintain an erection. Although the age of the men in the study explains a portion of this finding, the issue of sexual side-effects remains a significant area of concern.A concise overview of this study is offered by Bloomberg News: Sex Impossible for Most Men After Prostate Therapy.As we discussed in our post on how to go about making thoughtful, best fit choices for treating...

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You Really Need to Get Some Sleep

High quality sleep is a core element of the Mr. Happy Lifestyle. Let's explore why sleep matters so much to men like us, and what actions we can take right now to improve the quality of our sleep. Why does the quality of our sleep matter so much?Although an occasional sleepless night usually does not pose much of a problem, running a sleep deficit over time will cause a lot of problems. Restorative sleep is an essential ingredient for a healthy mind and body, and every bodily system will suffer for lack of it. Many people think of sleep as a waste of time or a luxury. We buy into this odd notion that successful people get by with just a few hours of sleep a night or that sleep is...

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PSA: Appropriate Use vs. Abuse & Misuse

There is a great scene in the movie Back to School in which Rodney Dangerfield’s character hires Kurt Vonnegut to write a critical essay for him on the collected works of, yes ... Kurt Vonnegut. The resulting paper receives an F grade from the English professor with a comment that “you clearly do not know the first thing about Vonnegut!” On certain days, Richard Ablin, a professor of pathology at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, must feel like a cross between Vonnegut and Dangerfield. All kidding intended, considering how PSA is being used by the medical community, Dr. Ablin clearly does not know the first thing about PSA! Dr. Ablin discovered PSA in 1970 and...

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How Can I Strengthen My Immune System?

What is exactly is my immune system? The immune system is your body's “defense force.” It protects your body against foreign invaders (e.g., viruses, parasites and bacteria) or aberrant cells already present in your body (e.g., cancer cells). The immune system is fascinatingly complicated. For our purposes today, we will examine behaviors that you can control plus a particular aspect of your immune system that is involved in combating cancer: Natural Killer (NK) cells.What causes my immune system to be weakened?There are plenty of causes, but our "top five" behavioral-based culprits are: Poor dietary habits Lack of exercise Allergies, both airborne and food-based Lack of...

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