About the Super Bowl, you are either excited to watch the game and root for your favorite team, looking forward to watching the halftime show with Justin Timberlake or you couldn’t care less about the whole thing.

Oh yes, the commercials are a big draw too.

Some of you may not even know what the Super Bowl is.

Funny enough, at our office an email was sent out with an attachment of the filled out box pool and good luck wishes to whoever wins – one of the physicians replied to all,“Go Pats!”

Shortly after a nurse asked in an email reply, “Who’s Pat?” and “Did I win.”


Regardless the reason, more than one hundred million people around the world watch the Super Bowl. That’s why a 30-second commercial cost about $5 million.

Chances are there will be plenty of food choices for you to eat at the Super Bowl party this weekend. Six-foot long sandwiches, chips and salsa and beer are common in such occasion, right?

During events like the Super Bowl, it’s key to keep your eye on the long-term and short-term prize;

  • Maintain discipline with what you eat to lower your risk of disease.
  • Don’t overdo it so you can still perform at the highest level on Monday in whatever you do.
  • Keep your immune system strong to prevent getting the flu. Chances are someone at your Super Bowl event has it. AHCC, zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D are the main things I take during flu season. Other things too, but that’s for a different blog post, maybe next week.
[This year’s flu (influenza virus) is stronger than ever. Many Philadelphia Eagles players have it, which is one of the numerous reasons why I think they will lose to the New England Patriots. But I digress]

Now, here’s the deal. I know you want to have a good time without having to think much about ‘eating healthy.’ You just want to live the moment, eat and be merry. I get it.

But let’s be mindful as we have a good time with family and friends.

That’s all I’m suggesting.

Maybe these seven tips will help you do just that.

7 Health Tips to Enjoy the Super Bowl

  1. Don’t lose sight of the primary goal – which is to share good times with family and friends. Talk a little smack and laugh. Food and beer is a small component of that.
  1. Have a good breakfast on Super Bowl day. I’m talking high octane foods, for example, a suitable protein breakfast like a veggie omelet (no bread), a power smoothie (tips here). This type of breakfast keeps satiety.
  1. Train on Super Bowl Day. Act like you are playing in the super bowl and physically as such. I am half joking here, but if you get yourself in a “bad ass” state of mind, your workout can feel awesome.
  1. Eat right before leaving your home or before everyone comes over if your hosting. And eat clean. No junk. This will avoid the danger of starting the party while being hungry. All bets are off if you go in hungry.
  1. Be mindful during the Super Bowl party. It is very easy to overeat and overdrink simply because you are not paying attention.
  1. Have a veggie platter with hummus dip if you’re hosting. Or bring such dish to the party if you are not. Don’t eat raw broccoli though; it is hard to digest when it’s not steamed. Also, raw broccoli contain goitrogens which are chemicals bad for your thyroid – did you know that? Carrots and celery are ok to eat raw – easy on the creamy white dip though.
  1. Easy on the booze. Overdrinking at night interferes with sleep quality which then makes your Monday a doozy. It’s not worth it.

Lastly, I am going for the New England Patriots. I “drank the Tom Brady Kool-aid” after watching his Tom vs. Time documentary. His commitment to his craft and his family is inspiring. Plus, he’s a very old player for football – I have to root for the older guy as I am now part to that club when I train in Krav maga, grapple or play pick up basketball.

Look out for the Amazon commercial (below), it’s hilarious.

Enjoy the game!

Dr. Geo