Times are different now with the acceptance of natural and nutritional approaches to health. This morning I had a great conversation with a VP of medical affairs with a pharmaceutical company the produces a Gonadotropin Releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist drug for prostate cancer.

GnRH drugs include Leuprolide (Lupron) and Goserelin (Zoladex) and work by reducing Testosterone to zero or almost zero for certain types of prostate cancer. The pharmaceutical company (which will stay anonymous for now) is interested in natural and nutritional approaches to reducing negative side effects from GnRH agonist drugs.

Wait... am I in the twilight zone here? A pharmaceutical company wants to know about natural approaches? Yes. And there's plenty a men on ADT can do to live longer and stronger despite their disease or low testosterone therapeutic status.

Interestingly, part of our conversation this morning with the scientist and upper-level management person from this pharmaceutical company is about a nutrient I DO NOT recommend as a supplement, choline. While choline is a nutrient, we cannot live without, particularly for brain function, in excess, it's been associated to contribute to advanced prostate cancer. Many supplements for brain health have choline in it.

Again, it's not that you should stay away from choline altogether, you can't even if you wanted to, plus you shouldn't as it has health benefits. But too much choline intake may is not good for men at risk or with prostate cancer.

That's why on Advanced ADT Support I intentionally DID NOT include phosphatidyl choline (a major nutrient in brain formulas) in it and DID include other brain nutrients to help with cognition in men undergoing ADT. Safe nutrients in Advanced ADT Support for brain health include Huperzine, Bacopa monierri, and Acetyl- L-Carnitine.

Times have changed indeed. While our healthcare system is still imperfect, the fact that I (naturopathic doctor) have the privilege of working in a major academic medical institution and a major Pharma company is consulting with me on nutritional methods to counter ADT side effects is a huge step forward. We should all be (cautiously) optimistic about where medicine is going forward.

Much Love,

Dr. Geo