Eight years ago my dream became a reality.

Recommending quality supplements to patients was a tough task as the market was (and still is) riddled with poor manufacturing practices and subpar ingredients.

Low and behold my business partner David had just relocated to beautiful Madison, Wisconsin after a successful entrepreneurial career in Northern California.

We spoke.

And within a short period decided to create XY Wellness.

That decision was easy.

You see, David, as you may know, endured prostate cancer at the tender age of forty-four. He committed to conventional and natural therapies to assure he'd lived to see his two young daughters grow up - one of them is now a freshmen at the University of Wisconsin. Woohoo!

David was prescribed about a dozen bottles of dietary supplements from his integrative oncologist along with foot baths and a bunch of other questionable alternative therapies. When the prostate cancer fog lifted, he questioned the thousands of dollars he spent monthly to regain and rebuild his body. Plus, opening up twelve bottles a day was exhausting.

Fast forward to January 2010.

David had "an itch he could not scratch" and desperately desired to give back to men battling prostate cancer. We speak on the phone to catch up on life in Madison, family and other personal things. About two hours into our conversation (ding!) a light bulb pops in our head. Let's develop a science-based nutraceutical company with no-nonsense principles and quality ingredients with the sole purpose of helping men improve their prostate prognosis.

And the rest is history. With David's prostate cancer history and business acumen combined with my lengthy clinical experience and research background, XY Wellness was born.

I want to thank David for sharing the vision in creating something unique with me in XY Wellness. Our partnership has transformed into a brotherhood.

Thanks to Designs for Health who's manufacturing practices are like no other. When an ingredient fails to test, it does not make it to market. Period. That may slow business at times, like in our recent Advanced ADT Support backorder, but we want our consumers to take the purest nutritional supplements.

Most importantly, thank you, our consumer partner for choosing XY Wellness to improve and rebuild your body. We know many supplement companies are competing for your hard-earned dollar.

I appreciate the trust you have in us. And will never let you down.

Cheers! Make it a Great Weekend!

Dr. Geo