There is so much sensationalism and misinformation in the medical press and online that the desire to tune it out is understandable. I do it too, but with the exception of a few trusted, reliable sources. For you, when it comes to the health condition you are dealing with, Dr. Geo and XY Wellness strive to be those two reliable sources for you who filter out the noise and clearly present legitimate science and pragmatic advice.

Today, we touch upon the topic of diet and exercise in the context of prostate cancer. Why together? Because you cannot out-exercise a poor diet, and you cannot eat your way to a therapeutic daily dosage of the nutrients that will boost your body’s innate ability to ward of this disease.

If you have not downloaded a free copy of the XY Wellness Diet, now would be a great time to do so. It provides a thoughtful, even savvy approach to eating well while providing a solid foundation. It is not the full answer, as every element of our integrative roadmap including condition-specific supplementation, is arguably of equal importance in triggering the “virtuous cycle” that we want for you.

If you have not reviewed our information on Exercise, now would also be a great time to do so. By adopting an exercise regimen that you enjoy, you will initiate the type of healthy growth on a cellular level that is critical for all aging adults but even more so for us combating something like prostate cancer. On this general subject of exercise, health and longevity, Dr. Geo has just penned an article filled with insight and actionable advice that is worth reviewing today.

Thank you, as always, for your trust in XY Wellness and your active participation in this community of men who are rebuilding their good health and reclaiming their bright future. We are in this together, so please let us know how we can help you to succeed.

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