As we approach the tenth anniversary of our founding, I decided that we should invest in a new website designed to improve how we engage with and help men who do not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Geo at his Integrative Urology Clinic at NYU Langone.

In other words, I decided to intentionally expand our reach throughout the United States and beyond. After all, the value that we provide applies to all men inflicted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and who are now seeking to reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives and futures.

I am one of them. Diagnosed in 2004, treated at UCSF by the great duo of Dr. Roach and Dr. Shinohara, and committed ever since to beating this disease. This commitment is manifested in XY Wellness. Dr. Geo, our team, and I are looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together for you in the next ten years.

Regarding the new website, my apologies for any initial kinks and quirks, which I believe are largely resolved by now. That aside, the information now available on this website will help men to better understand how to take full advantage of the complementary Integrative Roadmap that we have created: diet, exercise, nutraceutical support, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and sexual health support.

If you have not yet invested time in getting to know this newly available resource, would you please consider doing so? I know that you will find the Integrative Roadmap to be practical, actionable, and even enjoyable at times. To get started, I recommend downloading your complimentary copy of the new XY Wellness Diet Report, which is loaded with guidance on how to enjoy great food that also happens to be cancer savvy.

In addition, you will note that we have updated our Regimen Tiers in a manner to help men just learning about XY Wellness to better understand how to get started and thrive. If you are a patient of Dr. Geo, I encourage you to contact him before making any changes to the regimen that he has customized for you.

And lastly, as always, I want to encourage you to stay the course. We earn our results each and every day through the choices that we make. Don’t be militant, which is not sustainable, but simply be smart by making your daily choices with a keen awareness of the tradeoffs. Our mission at XY Wellness is to provide you with this awareness.

All the Best,


Co-founder & CEO of XY Wellness