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Strut Your Stuff

Mr. Happy is a good-natured swagger and approach to living. It is also a nutritional supplement designed to help men regain and renew their full enjoyment of all that life has to offer. It is designed to support improvements in cardiovascular health, mental and physical energy, cellular health, sexual health, general mood, and overall stamina. With Mr. Happy, getting Better with Age is more than possible; it is well within reach for men who are willing and able.

Mr. Happy Blog

Reclaiming Your Sex Life

The normal effects of aging on male sexual health and function are challenging enough, but a good number of us in the XY Wellness community we have also experienced some degree of adverse effect from an invasive procedure to treat prostate cancer such as surgery or radiation. For this reason, one of the key elements of our program is to help men improve and restore this important contributor to quality of life and general well being. Yes, there are pharmaceutical options, but our position is that they are best saved for when more natural options have been ruled out. Although impotence or erectile dysfunction is no laughing matter, a number of years ago, when asked in a Rolling Stone...

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Your Spectacular ROI from Exercise

Did you know that on any given day, only 5% of the US adult population exercise? We are not talking about training for a triathlon; we are talking about any form of moderate exertion. Not surprisingly, by 2015 it is estimated that 75% of Americans will be overweight, with 40% of us being classified as obese. We are damaging our future through poor lifestyle choices. How can any healthcare system work in such an environment? How can you fully enjoy your life as a man if you are not physically fit enough to take full advantage of it? Not preaching. Not lecturing. Just saying. We encourage you to make healthy lifestyle choices, which include improving your fitness level by incorporating...

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Hey, Let's Cut the Bull: The Truth about Protein Sources

Protein is essential to a wide range of bodily functions and in building and repairing muscle. No argument there. What I do object to is how the meat and dairy industries have spent millions, if not billions, on convincing us that the only source of high quality protein are their products. This is simply not true. Proteins consist of twenty amino acids, of which eleven are naturally synthesized by our body. We are able to get the remaining nine, which are also known as Essential Amino Acids, from the foods we eat and the nutritional support with which we complement our diet. So to be clear, our body needs to ingest these nine Essential Amino Acids, not protein per se. This is a key...

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Pesticide-free Eating Made Easy

Let's talk food. Although whole foods are a better nutritional choice than processed, within the category of whole foods you have a chance to do far better for yourself. Today we'll examine if and when organic is worth the premium in price, and give you a cheat sheet to make it easy to make better decisions. What is the problem with "conventional" produce? "Conventional" produce is exposed to pesticides (e.g., herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides) that cannot always be completely washed away. By contrast, "organic" produce is not exposed to pesticides. In other words, Conventional = Organic +...

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Tips for Improving Your Sex Life

When asked in a classic Rolling Stone interview what he had learned about himself while going through a recent divorce, an introspective Carlos Santana offered “… one thing I have discovered is that I don't need no damn Viagra, that's for damn sure.” Perhaps you don’t either! Kidding aside for a moment, any erosion in your sexual health and function is no laughing matter. There are effective (and cost-effective) ways to improve your sexual health, function, and satisfaction that you may want to consider: Your erectile function is a “canary in the coal mine” indicator of possible cardiovascular disease. Before doing anything else, please take the time to rule out this...

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Tips on Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction is one of the keys to a leading a Mr. Happy life. For your consideration, here are 7 simple suggestions to simply mull over: Give up all hope for a better past. Regrets and grudges are a waste of your here and now. As is worrying about an uncertain future. It is how you take advantage of and use your here and now that will determine your future. Act accordingly. Apparently not everyone is in your hurry. Yes, I’m talking to you. Traffic is traffic, and it is not our job to teach the world how to drive. And that is just one example. The more we react to things that we cannot affect, the more stress we needlessly inject into our daily life. Avoid the absurd and...

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You Really Need to Get Some Sleep

High quality sleep is a core element of the Mr. Happy Lifestyle. Let's explore why sleep matters so much to men like us, and what actions we can take right now to improve the quality of our sleep. Why does the quality of our sleep matter so much?Although an occasional sleepless night usually does not pose much of a problem, running a sleep deficit over time will cause a lot of problems. Restorative sleep is an essential ingredient for a healthy mind and body, and every bodily system will suffer for lack of it. Many people think of sleep as a waste of time or a luxury. We buy into this odd notion that successful people get by with just a few hours of sleep a night or that sleep is...

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