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XY Wellness is a no-nonsense, high-value resource for men. Our mission is to improve the health and quality of life of men diagnosed with serious urological conditions such as prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. We provide a practical, complementary, and integrative "road map" approach to rebuilding and reclaiming health and quality of life, including actionable recommendations on nutrition, nutritional support, exercise, sleep improvement, stress reduction, and sexual health.

XY Wellness Blog

Diet & Exercise: Cutting Through the Noise

There is so much sensationalism and misinformation in the medical press and online that the desire to tune it out is understandable. I do it too, but with the exception of a few trusted, reliable sources. For you, when it comes to the health condition you are dealing with, Dr. Geo and XY Wellness strive to be those two reliable sources for you who filter out the noise and clearly present legitimate science and pragmatic advice. Today, we touch upon the topic of diet and exercise in the context of prostate cancer. Why together? Because you cannot out-exercise a poor diet, and you cannot eat your way to a therapeutic daily dosage of the nutrients that will boost your body’s innate ability...

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The Decade Ahead ... Together

As we approach the tenth anniversary of our founding, I decided that we should invest in a new website designed to improve how we engage with and help men who do not have the opportunity to visit Dr. Geo at his Integrative Urology Clinic at NYU Langone. In other words, I decided to intentionally expand our reach throughout the United States and beyond. After all, the value that we provide applies to all men inflicted with a diagnosis of prostate cancer and who are now seeking to reclaim, rebuild and renew their lives and futures. I am one of them. Diagnosed in 2004, treated at UCSF by the great duo of Dr. Roach and Dr. Shinohara, and committed ever since to beating this disease. This...

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New Book: Integrative Sexual Health

Dr. Geo is one of the distinguished editors of the new practitioners tome, Integrative Sexual Health. According to Dr. Geo, the books "is a fabulous resource for both men and women interested in improving their sexuality. It was a privilege to work with Dr. Barbara Bartlik and Dr. Janet Mindes on this project, along with all the experts who participated in writing chapters in the book." Congratulations to Dr. Geo.

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Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary

Eight years ago my dream became a reality. Recommending quality supplements to patients was a tough task as the market was (and still is) riddled with poor manufacturing practices and subpar ingredients. Low and behold my business partner David had just relocated to beautiful Madison, Wisconsin after a successful entrepreneurial career in Northern California. We spoke. And within a short period decided to create XY Wellness. That decision was easy. You see, David, as you may know, endured prostate cancer at the tender age of forty-four. He committed to conventional and natural therapies to assure he'd lived to see his two young daughters grow up - one of them is now a freshmen at...

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Make 3 Simple Changes to Reduce Inflammation

As we do each year at this time, XY Wellness is challenging men to join us in a March Against Inflammation. Chronic inflammation poses a material risk to your health and your ability to combat disease. You can reduce your exposure to inflammatory agents by simply making smarter dietary and lifestyle choices. To demonstrate how dietary choices either boost or tax your body, the challenge is simple: during the month of March, avoid three well-known dietary sources of inflammation, and see how you feel. What are the three? They are sugar, dairy and gluten. Think you cannot do it? Hey, it’s only for a month! We know you can handle it, it is not as difficult as you might think, and we will...

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Exercise is Crucial in the Fight Against Prostate Cancer

What follows is an excerpt from my upcoming book on the integrative treatment of prostate cancer: We are simply not made to sit for long periods. We are built to move. Humans need to exercise, plain and simple. It does not matter what exercise you choose as long as you do something. However, the key is to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. You may already be familiar with many of the common benefits of regular exercise—lower stress, weight loss, better sleep, and a plenty of other advantages. However, in terms of prostate cancer, research has shown that fitness can help you reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer, prevent it from returning, or lower the chance...

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The Truth About Plant Based Protein

Protein is essential to a wide range of bodily functions and in building and repairing muscle. No argument there. What I do object to is how the meat and dairy industries have spent millions, if not billions, on convincing us that the only source of high quality protein are their products. This is simply not true. Proteins consist of twenty amino acids, of which eleven are naturally synthesized by our body. We are able to get the remaining nine, which are also known as Essential Amino Acids, from the foods we eat and the nutritional support with which we complement our diet. So to be clear, our body needs to ingest these nine Essential Amino Acids, not protein per se. This is a key...

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Get to Know your Prostate

“Know thyself.” No one knows exactly who came up with this wise phrase (it was definitely a Greek, but which one is uncertain), but I think we all agree that there’s something to it. Knowing yourself is powerful because it’s an ability that other animals don’t have. While they live blissfully ignorant in the moment, subject to their impulses, we can act intelligently in order to achieve the best possible outcome for ourselves. Specifically, we can have knowledge about how our bodies work, and we can use this knowledge to live for maximum health. So, here’s my question: do you know what your prostate gland does (or did if it was removed)? If you don’t know what the prostate...

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The Link between Baldness and Prostate Cancer

A recent article on caught my eye a few days ago. According to a “new” study, says Fox author Dr. David B. Samadi, some kinds of male pattern baldness increases a man’s risk of prostate cancer. Now, I’m a bald man—a bald naturopathic urologist. Of course these things are interesting to me. But Dr. Samadi, who’s a top robotic surgeon and a friend of natural and integrative medicine, isn’t saying anything new. The scientific community has recognized a link between male pattern baldness and an increased risk of prostate cancer for at least 15 years (Denmark-Wahnefried et al., 2000). Balding is a fact of male life. When did your hair start thinning? In your late...

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XY Wellness Diet: Why Low-Glycemic is Critical

It’s a new year and a perfect time to review the evidence behind the basic principles of the XY Wellness diet. We recommend a fresh, organic, low-glycemic diet that minimizes inflammation and enhances the immune system. Last week we discussed inflammation and gluten’s ability to put your cells through unnecessary chronic stress. Today, we recap the meaning and importance of eating foods that share a low glycemic index. First, it never hurts to clear up definitions. The word “glycemic” is a distant relative of the Greek word glykys, which means “sweet.”Words like glucose, glycerin, and glycol all share this common ancestor. It makes sense, then, that when something is...

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